Techtonic Funk Brigade - episode #40

Techtonic Funk Brigade - episode #40

1. Lee Coombs, Kostas G "Step Off"
2. Sound Beach "Sweet Haters"
3. Kiwa "FlashForward (Blacklist Remix)"
4. Curtis B, Jaco Garner "The Rhythm"
5. Punkture "Bassline Rudeboy Punk"
6. Pyramid, Ivory "Stick Up feat. Ivory feat. Rubi Dan"
7. Curtis B, Ondamike "G-code"
8. Somatic "808 Bass (Systemattic & Motive Remix)"
9. Kuplay, The Flea "Homeboy"
10. Geon "Phobos"
11. Lee Coombs, Kostas G "Warehouse Magic"
12. Xpander "Walk Away (Perfect Kombo Remix)"
13. Mafia Kiss "High"
14. Adrenalinez "Wet Me"

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Justin Johnson live at Faultline - 10-3-2014

Justin Johnson live at Faultline in Oakland, CA on October 3, 2014.

This is the opening set and starts out around 110bpm and moves up to around 120 bpm.

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A nice groovin' and funky opening set, starting at 113 bpm and ending up around 122 bpm.


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every first Friday at a little spot called Lounge 3411 in Oakland, CA - four veteran DJs get together and play 5 of hours of nothing but breaks. All breaks all night from 9pm-2am.




Justin Johnson
(Barely Legal Records, Cable Recordings, OAK)

DJ/Producer Justin Johnson has been rocking the dance floors of North America for over twenty-five years, and his eclectic mix of Funky Breaks blended with House Music and Tech House has made him a favorite at countless raves, clubs, radio shows, and special events. His influences come from all aspects of music, and he always brings the funk with him. His mix tape and CD series has been applauded for his flawless mixing skills, unique track selection, and excellent programming. Justin's production skills only add to his talent arsenal, as shown on his four record labels (Cable Recordings, Cylon Dub Receptor, Southern Vice and Barely Legal Records) and his remixes for Velcro City Records, Made Records, Mutate, Beyond Zilla, Blunted Funk, Knob, and Quartz Lock.

DJ Mixes and Production:


DJ Infinitee
(HyperKat-Recs, iRock-Classics, Midnight Sons, DOT, OAK)

Celebrating 20 years rockin' the wheels of steel this year, Sean Rojas (aka djinfinitee, Sean Infinitee) made his mark in NuSkool Breakbeat after winning the Breaks FM International DJ Competition with his 3 deck mix "Live Breaks" in 2003, winning a slot playing on the same stage as Public Enemy, Orbital, Deekline, Skool Of Thought, Lawgiverz, and more at Esparrago Rock Festival in Spain. The first U.S. DJ to host a radio show on renowned UK based internet radio station Breaks FM, Sean's live 3 deck show "Thee Tilt! Sessions" and his weekly events "Hit The Breaks" and "Redline" at NYC's famed Sullivan Room featured illustrious past guests such as Kraddy, NAPT, Carbon Community, The Autobots, Fine Cut Bodies, DJ Quest, High Eight, Madame Mercury, Reid Speed, and many more well known in the breaks community. After relocating back to the Bay Area in '09, Sean played for Opulent Temple at Burning Man, and has been accredited with playing on the same card as Bunny RITM, Seb Fontaine, Elite Force and more in '10, and is most recently known for his successful bi-weekly event "WiCKED WeDNESDAYS" at Lounge 3411, and Shine SF where he held residency as producer and DJ from 2009-2011.

DJ Mix Video Demo (Heavy Bassline Breaks):
DJ Mix Video Demo (Ghetto Funk/Mid-Tempo Breaks):

More DJ mixes and production:


Eric Riggsbee
(Mirage Kru, Bay Area Breaks Kru, OAK)

Eric Riggsbee’s musical path started when he was age six taking up the piano, and by age nine was looking for something more his groove. By age ten he started playing the drums, starting his own band at age twelve and playing through out the bay area up until age twenty two in bands ranging from Jazz to Metal. His DJ career started in 1998 playing Breaks and throwing his own parties in Santa Cruz, Oakland and San Francisco. His natural tendencies on the drums made crafting his signature tones and melodies seem effortless. Eric Riggsbee’s zipper smooth mixing style, exceptional music selection and tight programing have gained him the reputation for creating fun ass shaking music, that always get people on the dance floor.

DJ Mixes:


DJ-138 ( Marco Mirenzi)
(Midnight Sons, SF/OAK)
Originally hailing from the Washington DC area, DJ 138 has been playing dance music since late 1999. Starting off learning the ropes with the broad spectrum that is the House genre, this entity swiftly fell in love with a thing called a "breakbeat", and while DJ 138 never lost it's love for the four on the floor style, the breakbeat became it's favorite muse. Drum&Bass, Breaks, Downtempo - if it's got a broken beat, DJ 138 will exploit it.

DJ Mixes:
Fan Page:


@ Lounge 3411
3411 MacArthur Blvd
21+ w/ID

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Techtonic Funk Brigade - Dec. 20, 2013 with guest DJ Scotty Marz (discObeta)

Scotty Marz - guest DJ - Dec. 20, 2013.

Reppin' the east coast underground scene since the early 90s, Scotty Marz not only threw some of the sickest events, he also produced some of the biggest tracks!  Make sure you check out his alias "Kingsize" and the track called "Acid or XTC" - it's pure Acid Breaks madness!

He's also now producing under the moniker "discObeta" with his long-time buddy Erin Paul, and their tracks are sick!

Check them out here, and grab some free downloads (along with a remix that I did!)

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Recorded live on Dec. 6, 2013 with guest DJ Eric Riggsbee.

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Episode 35: Techtonic Funk Brigade w guest Erin Paul of discObeta on @NSBRadio Nov. 29, 2013

1. discObeta - Honey Bee
2. Featurecast - Soul Children (A.G.F.A Remix)
3. Flow Dynamics - Bossa For Bebo 
4. Ghetto Funk pres. DJ Wood - This Is It
5. The Jenova Collective - Do The Strand
6. Kitten & The Hip - Shut up and dance (Captain Flatcap Remix)
7. Zenit Incompatible - Never Gonna (Shimi Sonic remix)
8. Johnny Pluse - Sick, Sore, & Soory (feat Gerry Tully & Jp Party mix)
9. I Don't Care If It's Your Birthday - All Good Funk Alliance
10. Hot Peggy Bassbin Mash - ErinPaul
11. discObeta - Up and Coming
12. discObeta - NASty Anthem
13. Superfort - Gloria
14. discObeta - Chinese Robots
15. Bobby C Sound TV - Beatcatcher
16. Maelstrom & Napz - Soul School


Justin Johnson's set

Killa Soundboy feat Sleepy Wonder & Zeebo (Featurecast Remix)By Fort Knox Five 1
Feel My Energy (Evan Gamble Lewis Remix)By DJ Mike B 2
Busted (Original Mix)By Chad2thaShort 3
Mmm Yeah (M.E.L.T. Remix)By GDubz (CAN) 4
Acid Elephant (Splitloop Remix)By Wax Hands, Sirkus Sirkuz 5
Drug & Bass (Original Mix)By Insignia 6
I Can't Help It ft Makiin (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)By Slyde 7
Muxatela (Perfect Kombo Remix)By The Brotherbreakz 8
Imperial (Shade K Remix)By Vazteria X 9
Say What (Original Mix)By WDJ 10
Bubble (Geon Remix)By Kulman 11
Trouble In The Label (Original Mix)By Funk U 12
Dread Stone Skank By DJ Justin Johnson 13
Midnight Madness (T-Cubeprojects Remix)By Igor Graphite 14
Champo (Original Mix)By Brox Bit 15
Cakeboy 'This Is Cake' MASTERBy Cakeboy 16

Recorded live on NSB Radio on Nov. 29, 2013

Recorded live on NSB Radio on August 16, 2013.

Make you happy.By Featurecast 1
Hold UpBy Big Bang Breaks 2
Funk YouBy Hong Kong Ping Pong 3
Get Up (Lets Get Down)By Featurecast 4
Sweet Games (Original Mix)By BadboE 5
JeevesBy X-Ray Ted 6
Put Em Up (The Spank! Remix)By Nynfus Corporation 7
Slutty Snoop (Original Mix)By Prosper 8
Soul Intoxication (Original Mix)By Basement Freaks 9
Top BillinBy Featurecast 10
Cakeboy 'Funkin' Marvelous' MASTERBy Cakeboy 11
I Follow River (Original Mix)By Jazz.k.lipa 12
You Got The Love (Funk Ferret remix)By Nynfus Corporation 13
Kill or Be Killed (Lemar Soulflower Remix)By Currier & Danny Nytefix 14
All About You (Original Mix)By Smoke 15
Money Cat (Sychosis Nu School Breaks Remix)By FnDannyBoy 16
Genie (Original Mix)By Stakato 17
Electric Life (Curtis B Remix)By Doublefacez 18
Drop the Funk (Original Mix)By Fisso & Spark 19
Dead End (Marten Horger Remix)By Plastic Shell 20
Lift Me Up (Beta Remix)By Refracture 21
Flipside (Original Mix)By Deenk 22
All My People Live (Original Mix)By The Hustle, Mafia Kiss 23
Back to the Old Skool (Original Mix)By Ufo project 24
You gotta let it go (Original Mix)By Audiotoxin 25
Everyvare Salsa (Original Mix)By Thb 26
Sadhana (Original Mix)By Isolate 27
2 Slick (Original Mix)By Fantastic Boyz 28

Funkin' Em AllBy Tom Showtime 1
How G's Get MoneyBy Tom Showtime 2
Preacher ManBy Basschimp 3
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On / Sexual Healing Ft. Max-A-Million (Stickybuds Remix)By Stickybuds 4
Got To B-RealBy Tom Showtime 5
Shake that assBy The Man From DelMonty 6
Cut La Roc 'I Don't Get You' Featuring Kristian Booth MASTERBy Cut La Roc 7
B-Force (Come and Hell Remix)By Fox Glove 8
Automatic (Infinitee's BreakBy The Pointer Sisters 9
Bumbaclart (Original Mix)By NEPHILIM 10
Everydays New (Original Mix)By Alt-A 11
Chases Fear (Original Mix)By Hoomicide 12
I'm Really Mad (Original Mix)By Blond 13
Bad Habit (Original mix) By Junction8 14
Searching - Original MixBy Audiohazard 15
Chop Chop Chop (Original Mix)By Brox Bit 16
The Way I Dub (Original Mix)By Dephonix 17
Going Under (Original Mix)By Lethalness 18
Danger!!! - Original MixBy Twins Break 19
Bass Channel (original mix)By Hoomicide 20
Thing Of The Past (P.R.I.S.M. Reconstruction)By Marvin Blue 21
Baby Step (Original Mix)By Geon


Recorded live on NSB Radio on July 19, 2013.





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